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AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

We conduct a maintenance check of your AC system and complete tune-up, from cleaning the coil, drain blowout/flush, checking of refrigerant levels and pressures, to inspecting the electrical components.

Looking for an AC Maintenance Plan to Extend the Life of your AC System?

Just like all mechanical devices and machines, air conditioners can use regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and to keep them from breaking down. Here at Super Cool AC Repair, we have dealt with every issue you will encounter with your AC system. Many of these problems that you will have with your AC unit could have easily have been avoided if you would have kept your air conditioner properly services and maintained. If you’re interested hearing how one of our AC maintenance plans will help you have a more efficiently running, longer lasting with fewer emergency service calls then feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to answer any questions that you may have and get you started with your AC maintenance plan today!

It can be extremely hot and humid down here in South Florida which forces many home and business owners to run their AC systems almost 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This can put a pretty big strain on the internal elements of the AC systems which might cause it to break down quicker due to continuous usage. The reason we have to go out on so many emergency service calls throughout the year is because many people don’t properly maintain their AC systems, and don’t even think about it until it’s too late.

The more consistently your air conditioning gets used, the more maintenance it will need to run smoothly. If you don’t run your air conditioning too much, you might only need one service call to maintain your AC once a year. But we typically recommend 4 system maintenance service calls per year to keep their ACs in tip top shape. Get in touch with us to discuss which maintenance plan will work best for you and your AC system.

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